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Model: BIT1219
This loose ring snaffle has a jointed mouthpiece that is covered in rubber. It is one of the gentlest jointed snaffle bits available. The rubber on the mouthpiece cushions the bars and makes the bit thicker and therefore kinder. It is also often chewed. Smaller horses, or horses with low palates, ..
Model: BITS1190SS
This pelham is derived from the vulcanite pelham, so populary used by hunters and polo players for many generations. The gentle mouthpiece can encourage some horses to lean. It is not suitable in horses with shallow-palated mouths. Ideally used with double reins - the curb rein applies poll pressure..
Model: BITS1192SS
This flexible rubber snaffle has loose rings and a central cable that ensures the bit cannot break. It is one of the gentlest bits available and is very good for soft mouthed horses and youngsters. Most horses will chew this bit. However it does not offer much control and can encourage leaning in ..
Model: BITS1468SS
This bit is made of stainless steel and is designed never to rust, bend or break. It is different from other pelhams as the snaffle ring has been moved, to become a loose-ring connected via a figure of eight. The action of the snaffle rein is more like that of a double bridle bridoon. The french lin..
Model: BITS1194SS
The D-ring design is an extreme version of an eggbutt cheek, the bit – cheek connection being further from the horse’s lips. This reduces any chance of pinching. The action of the bit is otherwise the same as a jointed rubber snaffle. Allowed for all disciplines but mainly used for racing and showj..
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