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Model: BOOT1503
The Equiguard Easy Use overreach boots are made from a tough neoprene material and are fitted with two touch-close rubber finger tabs for ease of use. The boots offer protection from overreaching to the hoof and coronet area during all types of competition and training. Colours: Black only. Sizes: M..
Model: BOOT1526
The Fantasy bell boots feature a black gloss glitter outer and a soft neoprene lining to protect your horses sensitive pastern area from rubbing. Both stylish and functional, these boots are ideal for preventing overreaching injuries. Finished with a high quality Velcro fastening. Colours: Black onl..
Model: BOOT1447WH
Veredus has created the new Carbon Vento boots by Marcus Ehning, the first fetlock boot with double ventilation that ensures the horses legs are kept cool for optimal performance during training and competition. Forming part of the Nero Line range of Veredus products, Carbon Vento is an addition to ..
Model: HBTO002
Rubber Pull on Over Reach Boots. Made of very durable rubber. Give your horse the best protection against over reaching. Durable, ribbed rubber over reach boots with a rolled collar for comfort. Sold in pairs Sizes: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large..
Model: HBTO01
Product Features Thick, strong rubber that wont tear easily Easy to fit Smooth inner lip that wont rub Description Velcro option for easier fit. Easy stretch, strong flexible rubber boots to protect your horse from over reaching with the hind leg on to the front leg or from pulling off a shoe. Thick..
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